G&C Partners LLC.
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Mission & Vision

Our sole mission is to assist students matriculate and graduate from a professional degree program that best meets their personal needs and future career endeavors. Our vision is to see the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students we advise accomplish their goals, realize their dreams, and achieve success. 

The Experts

Gerard Jenkins & Carlin Graveline are healthcare professionals who recognize the need for undergraduate students to understand the intricacies of graduate school admissions and applications from the perspective of prior graduates.  Having pursued diverse graduate degrees,  taken diverse graduate exams, and worked with many deans and directors of graduate programs, Gerard & Carlin wish to share their knowledge and experience of professional school admissions and applications to students applying for: MD, DO, DDS, DMD, MPH, MA, MS, and PhD degrees.

Gerard P. Jenkins, MD, MA, MA

Gerard started his formal education and training in 1997 at the University of Michigan where he pursued a concentration in Biological Chemistry with an academic minor in Philosophy. During his undergraduate education, he participated in biochemistry and immunology research. After graduating in 2001, he moved to New York City and completed two graduate degrees in Biotechnology and Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University. Gerard continued his interest in research by working in a genetics and development lab while pursuing his first graduate degree.

Although he always had a keen interest in biomedical research, Gerard also had a distinct interest in business. While living in New York, he evaluated early-stage biotechnology and medical device technologies while performing business development for various biopharmaceutical and biomedical companies. In 2004, Gerard began medical school at Vanderbilt University where he received a full-tuition scholarship from the dean's office. During the first two years, he balanced basic science studies with clinical information systems research. Gerard completed his Medical Doctorate training in 2008 and he completed training in Clinical Pharmacogenomics from the University of California San Francisco in 2009. Gerard is also a licensed physician and practices Internal Medicine.



Carlin J. Graveline, MS

Carlin J. Graveline began her undergraduate studies at James Madison University where she pursued a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In preparation for graduate school, Carlin made conscious efforts her senior year to transform her academics and resume into stellar records. Her work was rewarded with the sole full-tuition scholarship offered by the graduate Speech-Language Pathology department at Vanderbilt University. After receiving her MS from Vanderbilt in 2007, Carlin has managed to diversify her young career and experiences to better position herself for a future path in academia as a doctoral student. Each of her jobs since completing college, from being a track coach to a speech-language pathologist, were systematically chosen to not only pursue her interests, but to weave a diverse and planned background into a unique and ambitious package.


Jonathan P. Mustich

Jonathan P. Mustich was a finance major at the University of Maryland and just wanted to work in New York City after graduation. The only job he was able to land was as a financial analyst at Macy's. The plan was to stay there a year and then land a job at a top finance firm to learn the world of trading.  After a few months, he realized that he wanted to stay in fashion for a little longer to test it out.  A new division called retail planning was started which involved finance, design, merchandising, and interactions with almost every division in the company. He applied, and was accepted, to the position after many interviews with top executives at Macy's.

After working in planning, he fell in love with the fashion world because every season was a new challenge. From Macy's he moved on to start the planning department at DKNY and then at Joseph Abboud. After about 6 months at Joseph Abboud, Jonathan was promoted to Director of Planning and the entire company, from finance to design, was run through him.  It was during this position that he took a weeklong trip by himself to Sweden to come up with his current business venture, Evolution of Style LLC.

Jonathan now has a year under his belt and has helped numerous college students dress for success in this very tough business climate. His goal is to let your skills leave an impression on the interviewer, not your lack of style!



Laura J. Johnson

Laura received a BFA in Dance Performance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2004. While pursuing her studies, Laura worked for a non-profit music organization as the assistant manager, which taught her a tremendous amount about the business of the arts. During college she began her career in the entertainment industry as a NFL cheerleader, which furthered her passion for performing. After graduating, she auditioned and landed different shows in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New York as well as abroad. Throughout her career she has learned a great deal about business, managing, and marketing. She has proven to be an exceptional entertainer and model. Laura has enjoyed the progression of her career and hopes to remain involved in many free-lance activities within her new city of Los Angeles.