G&C Partners LLC.
Professional School Admissions & Applications Consultants

Gerard P. Jenkins, MD MA MA
Carlin J. Graveline, MS
Overview & Introduction

In May 2008, Gerard P. Jenkins began part-time teaching in biology for the medical college admissions tests (MCAT) through The Princeton Review.  Throughout the course of his teaching, he recognized a considerable demand for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate
students to gain insight, knowledge,  and guidance about professional school admissions and applications from the perspective of a recent graduate.  Although many students receive great advice from career services, students want the opinion of a peer.  These students need someone who has been through their situation, someone who understands the intricacies of the system, and someone who can give them straightforward, honest, practical, and beneficial advice. 

In order to address this issue, Gerard Jenkins and Carlin Graveline created a business venture to assist various undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in becoming the most competitive and best positioned candidates possible for professional school admissions. 

Professional Programs of Expertise

Medical School Degree (MD, DO)
Dental School Degree (DDS, DMD)
Graduate School Degree (MA, MS, MPH, PhD)

Strategic Consultants

Navigating the uncertain terrain of professional school admissions and applications can be an overwhelming and difficult process. After completing 3 professional degrees, I realize and understand the value of consultation advice for admissions and applications to professional degree programs. I wish a service like this existed when I was applying for graduate programs; however, it didn't so I was forced to learn, and even create, many of the techniques and strategies our company provides. Consequently, I decided to build and develop a company that provides the types of services I wanted several years ago. This is essence of G&C Partners.

At the end of the day, pursuing a graduate school education is an investment into one's future. Since the competition for entrance into a professional degree program has dramatically increased in the past decade, it makes it that much more important to excel during the admission and application cycle. Therefore, in the same way students make the investment for test preparation, we believe it's just as important for students to make the investment for admission consultation and application preparation. G&C Partners can, and will, make you the most competitive and well positioned applicant as possible. Clients of G&C Partners obtain a considerable strategic advantage during the admissions and applications cycle because our clients are utilizing the knowledge and experience of accomplished professionals in medicine and dentistry.


Gerard P. Jenkins, MD MA MA
CEO & President

"After applying to law school and succeeding in the first year, which is supposed to be the worst, I thought that applying to medical school would be easy.  I have always considered myself an intelligent and very capable person, so when Gerard offered his help with the whole medical school process, I thought that his offer was nice, but I could handle it all on my own.  As it turns out, while I could have "handled" it all, having Gerard and Carlin look over my personal statement improved it by leaps and bounds, and I was an English minor!  Applying to medical schools and taking the MCAT and everything else associated with this crazy process can cause a lot of stress and having Gerard always there took a lot of the stress and guess work out of it all.  He knows what he is talking about!  I truly respect his opinion, and I found all of his advice invaluable.  He truly wants to see you succeed, and it feels amazing to have someone like that rooting for you!  Gerard has great information for anyone considering graduate education in any arena, even the overconfident among us!" - AK